Wine Lovers Club magazine titles Casa Silva Cool Coast as Best Sauvignon Blanc.

Casa Silva attended the ceremony, which was held in Isla de Maipo and presented by La CAV. The Cool Coast Sauvignon Blanc was awarded the best in its category and the CEO Mario Pablo Silva and winemakers, Mario Geisse and JoseĢ Ignacio Maturana, accepted the award on behalf of the company.


The Cool Coast Sauvignon Blanc is the first of its kind from the cold coast of Colchagua Valley. The Terroir in this region combines the freshness of the South Pacific and vibrant minerality of the coastal valley soils, giving the wine a unique style and making Casa Silva a pioneer in the industry.


On the nose, the Cool Coast Sauvignon Blanc displays intense and persistent aromas of citrus fruit and fresh pineapple with vegetal hints. The palate is refreshing with balanced acidity and a firm body. This elegant yet passionate wine displays good minerality with a long finish.